What to Expect when your Expecting (to lease)

Commercial Leases in Northern Virginia

For those looking to rent Commercial Spaces in the Fairfax or Loudoun you might be surprised the steps that are needed when it comes to leasing. Most of my clients expect to locate a spot, and just submit a security deposit and move their company in the next month. Well….I am sorry to say it is not this easy.


The first question from the landlord is what type of business will the tenant be running? Why does he care? Well, the landlord has to worry about zoning, any special use permits on the property, and any conflicts with the current tenants. If the landlord is OK with your business, the next question is about how stable is your company.

Company History

If you are a start up, it is very hard to rent a Commercial Space (Offices spaces are a little easier). Most landlords do not like startups, and some will not do business with startups. I have run across landlords that will want a personal guarantee and those who do not want to get involved in personal guarantees. If your company has years of tax records to show, you might luck out and the landlord will not want a personal guarantee.


If you are luck enough to get past the business type and company history hurdle, the next step is the buildout. If the space is new construction…some landlord might assist a tenant with building out the space. However, it is up to landlord on if he wants to provide help. Landlords do discriminate based upon your business missions.


There are many more items that come into play when it comes to leasing space in the Northern Virginia area. This posting just covered a few items. I am happy to assist you if you have any more questions.