Tenant Representation

Are you seeking a new location for your business? I would be happy to assist in locating a facility taking in to account the specific needs of your business. I have local market knowledge to assist with your search plus I have the experteese to offer location alternatives to best meet your needs.

Landlord Representation

I am happy to work to represent you or your company’s needs in in Landlord Representation. My services cover:

  • Leasing and sales negations and representations.
  • Creation of marketing plans for your property / asset.
  • Property Management

My goal is to enhance the value of your real estate through strategic planning and implementation.

Data Center Services

My prior experience in the technology field allows me to assist those companies / individuals who are looking for data center space. My data center services include but are not limited to assisting with:

  • Purchasing of an existing data center.
  • Locate a pad site and build out a data center from the ground up.
  • Lease space in a current functioning data center (Colocation).
  • Conversion of existing space into a data center.

I have access to a team of data center professionals who can come onsite to review and analyze a prospective data center site.

Property Management

I am part of a property management team who currently manage numerous commercial property with focuses on office, medical, retail, industrial, facilities, mixed-use, and multi-family properties. Our team works with our clients to increase property values and to increase the return on their investment(s) (ROI).

My focus for my property management clients include

  • Tenant retention.
  • Operating cost reduction.
  • Appreciation in property and asset values.
  • Implement the latest in technology to streamline bill, tax, insurance and rent management.