Residential vs. Commercial Investing

Real Estate Investors might be wondering what is the difference between Residential and Commercial investing. I work in the commercial world during the day, but I am also the owner of residential investment properties. Below is a summary of the differences I see when it comes to your different investment options. Residential Properties: For good.. read more →

Medical Office Spaces in Loudoun County for Rent or Sale

On the Hunt for Medical Space? One might think after a quick search of the commercial real estate listings in Loudoun County, medical spaces are easy to find. Well….yes and no. Each area is different. The two biggest hot area’s for buying or leasing Medical offices are Lansdowne and South Riding VA. Each area’s are.. read more →

What to Expect when your Expecting (to lease)

Commercial Leases in Northern Virginia For those looking to rent Commercial Spaces in the Fairfax or Loudoun you might be surprised the steps that are needed when it comes to leasing. Most of my clients expect to locate a spot, and just submit a security deposit and move their company in the next month. Well….I.. read more →

Reston VA…The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

Commercial Space in Reston Virginia is becoming a hotter place every year and it might be a good place to relocate your business. So, what does the commercial space look like in this area? Well….I can sum up the answer in one word “HOT”. With the opening of the new Metro stops in the Reston.. read more →

Wait…Do Not Sign that Lease!

It is surprising to me as I work Class A Office Space throughout Loudoun and Fairfax County how many tenants have signed a lease with their landlord without hiring a Commercial Agent to represent them. Hiring a commercial agent is free and they are there to protect you. When you find a location you like,.. read more →

The Importance of Hiring a Commercial Agent When Buying or Leasing Commercial Properties

The importance of hiring a commercial agent when buy / leasing commercial properties. If you have ever bought or sold a home, you are probably well aware that the whole process goes much more smoothly when you have a professional real estate agent to help you. The same is true when you are looking to buy.. read more →

Data And Information Need Commercial Space, Too

Have you ever been driving around Loudoun County and seen larger commercial buildings that are quite obviously occupied, but which give no real indication as to what’s inside? Sure, you may see a sign showing off the company name and logo, but again no real clue as to what is housed behind the bricks and.. read more →

Guide to US Investment Property

Welcome to Investing in the U.S. There are so many new real estate investors that enter the real estate investment industry not knowing exactly what to expect or what they need to do. However; there are so many factors that need to be considered to ensure that the process is gone through successfully. Understanding the.. read more →

How Walkable Communities Are Helping Residents And Businesses

The United States has always been a country that has had something of a love affair with the car. It was common practice to hop behind the wheel for even the shortest of jaunts, but that is something that is slowly starting to change. You need only look at Northern Virginia to see what we.. read more →

Places of Worship for Rent or Sale

For those seeking to rent / purchase a property as a place of worship, there is no time better than now. Loudoun County is and has been one of the fastest counties in the nation. I have lived in Loudoun County since 2000 and I can tell the county is full of young families. This.. read more →

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